True identity is the external representation of our inner, deeper essence and of our very being.

- Lathi Dube

What I do​


From small intimate events to massive stages, there are a number of powerful talks I deliver around and so much more:
Mindset, Diversity, Adapting to change, Leadership, Evolution of Self, Transformation, Resilience.


From small teams to large businesses, we have the right training to optimise your productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.


Focusing on specific areas of identity, to empower and equip individuals in all areas of their life.

What Audiences and Clients Say

"Hungry, hungry, and hungrier.
Hungry for knowledge
Hungry to help people
Hungrier to change the way the world thinks."

- Elliot Kay


"My time with Lathi was like a breath of fresh air. She really listens, beyond all the noise to really hear you.
The session brought me some major realisations that I look fortward to working more on. It's like she just woke me up. She really knows her subject and is great at what she does.
I will recommend her to anyone who is on a journey of finding themselves or their identity. She is the real deal.
Looking forward to more."

- Sunni Mallo

"Lathi’s bold and passionate approach to working with people makes you feel confident that you’re in good capable hands, which is essential when you start asking yourself questions that can be at the base of everything in your life, your identity. I got the sense that she is in tune with herself and people she works with to know when to push and challenge someone that little bit more and when to ease back.
Very insightful and thought-provoking and was a welcome reality check that even if you are where you need to be, is reassuring to know."

- Aaron Hayle

Aaron Hayle

"I had always been fascinated by Lathi's work. I finally had the opportunity to attend a workshop to see her in action and I am so glad I did. I did not realise the calibre of her skill set. I was introduced to some new concepts as well as a new way of looking at some old ones. Lathi suggested a very small tweak in how I did things and the change was instantaneous. I had more energy, my creativity came back and I felt so excited about life where as before I had been feeling uninspired and low in energy.

I simply had not understood myself properly and therefore was not operating in a way that optimised my character traits in work and life. I look forward to working more with Lathi in the full program and I can't wait to experience the transformation."

- Caroline Zimba

"Magic... Oh Lathi you're a magical woman: The NLP, the coaching training, the ambitious visionary mindset, did you say you were a psychotherapist in training and teacher with SEN experience? Because all of the above is going to give you magic.

I think the magic could be simplified to:

  1. Being "in-tune" with yourself, other people, and how people work (probably the hardest part)
  2. Really "hearing" other people, and noticing the language they use
  3. Sharing your perspective of their experience, which feels great because you're in-tune with humanity, and it's easy to receive because it's delivered in their language."

- Jerome Minnie


" have have the pleasure to have been able to listen to Lathi Dube more than once and on every single occasion she has blown me away with her ability to make the various components of Identity come alive through storytelling. This is on just another level, she is naturally able to really take an audience on an emotional rollercoaster and leave them empowered. Not only that Lathi has the ability to leave the audience with hope and incite on so many different layers that she is such an amazing asset to an audience, conference organisers portfolio."

- Annik Petrou

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Nothing brings me more joy and ecstasy than when I see the gem of an individual blossom into who they are meant to be
- Lathi Dube



Lathi has spent over 10,000 hours with clients catalysing rapid, lasting transformation to fully optimise their identity to achieve incredible results in both their professional and personal lives.

Lathi has an uncanny ability and a razor-sharp expertise to breakdown identity,  its stories and metaphors are peeled away to reveal what is beneath it all. Lathi’s ability to make various components of Identity come alive through storytelling is truly astounding, she is able to take the audience on an emotional rollercoaster and leave them empowered at work, at home, and with their very selves.

She has worked with royal families, UN leaders, surgeons, business owners, and entrepreneurs to increase their business success, define a realistic vision on themselves and most importantly understand intrinsically exactly how they work.

On the day that Lathi lost her younger brother to suicide, a mission was born; ensuring that every life that she touched gained a deep and profound understanding of who they are and why they are here so they would not be in the position to feel that the world would be a better place without them here to live their unique path.


My Process

I take audiences or participants on a journey building up on first principal and through experience and immersive learning get them to a solid foundation of their own awareness of their identity and that of people around them I do this primarily through the three principal of Identity:

Know thy self

Know thy lane

Stay in thy lane


I am on a mission to shatter the worlds view of identity through education and information. If you know who you are you have everything in the palm of your hands. I want to reach 8 million people over the next 2 years.

Honestly identity chose me, I didn’t really choose it.

I have been doing identity work with clients in one form or another since 2008. I finally decided to settle into it in late 2017 and have not looked back ever since.

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.