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“The only thing we enter this world know is how to cry and how to breathe, the rest we learn. It is important to embrace opportunities of excellent education,”

~ Lathi Dube

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Education is the key to unlocking your future, and I’m here to help you do just that. With over 15 years of dedicated experience in the field of education and a passion for empowering students, I’ve honed specific methodologies and techniques that consistently yield outstanding results. 

The Current Challenge in Education: Access and Exam Performance 

In today’s educational landscape, students often face a dual challenge. The first hurdle is access to the subject matter, ensuring that they can grasp and understand the material effectively from the start. The second challenge is showcasing their hard work and knowledge correctly during examinations.  

 I recognize these challenges and have developed a solution. Through my specific revision techniques and laser-focused exam strategies, I’ve consistently guided students to top grades in their public examinations. My methods empower students to not only master the material but also excel when it matters most. 

Why Choose My Educational Services

Proven Expertise

With 15 years of hands-on experience and hundreds of students successfully guided to academic success, my methods have been rigorously tested and refined over time.

Customized Approach

I understand that every student is unique, and my educational strategies are tailored to meet the individual needs of each student.

Exam Excellence

My laser-focused exam techniques ensure that students can effectively showcase their knowledge during examinations, leading to top grades.

Consistent Results

My track record of consistently helping students achieve their academic goals speaks for itself.

Read What My Clients Say About Their Experience With My Education Services

I have know Lathi for 5+ years since I first asked for her help coaching Ally through her 11+ exams.

Since then she has been Ally’s “go-to” when she needs emotional, mental and practical mentorship with regards to her education. Lathi is more than a Life Coach/Mentor/Cheerleader to teens (and C-Suite executives), she assesses the individual and devises a program that best suits them and their learning methods.

She combines coaching, psychology and neurolinguistic techniques to tailor-make and rapidly increase the performance of her client. Ally went from a child who was lacking in self-esteem and confidence, despite her parents positive jiving, to a confident, mature, disciplined and dedicated to being her best self-young woman under Lathi’s stewardship.

Working with Lathi and she kept us involved in all of her processes, Ally achieved straight As in her GCESs, with the majority being A**, on the Oxbridge track and being an honorary scholarship student at her school. I cannot recommend Lathi highly enough and my daughter is a shining example of what under Lathi’s guidance can be achieved with any child.
She is currently working with 4 families I have introduced her to.

It is rare in life that one encounters a Teacher like Lathi making it a privilege to be tutored by Lathi. They say you can't teach anything, only make people think. This is the Lathi difference.

Lathi goes the extra mile, she analyses the current state, gives a clear vision of the future state and organize a focused plan with clear milestones and achievements to build knowledge and address gaps. However, she manages to do all of this because she inspires, she learns the person to make the brain think, tailoring every class with the focus on that achievement.

As a great teacher and like any Olympic-level coach will say you need to address the psychology to get results. With Lathi, one is getting a teacher, a psychologist, a mentor and a role model all in one go. Lathi addresses any barriers that are preventing someone from giving their best and unlocks potential through a holistic approach.

We gave her our daughter and she gave us back a scholar, inspiring her along the way and ensuring she was well-prepared to get to the goal. Not only did our daughter get confirmed place at Cheltenham Ladies College (when many said it to be impossible), and Downe House was also invited for two Academic scholarships. If you are into results, actually, achieved was much more than results. It was a change in attitude, a learning method that stays for life and an inspirational role model that I am sure our daughter will forever be fond of in years to come.

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