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When I speak to an audience, I aim to touch hearts and marrow. It is the main aim of having transformative conversations.”

~ Lathi Dube

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Powerful talks that lead to great impact.

Imagine a conversation where every voice is heard, where complex concepts become easily digestible, and where the information presented is not just understood but remembered. This is the essence of the experience I create with my curated talks. 

My mission is clear: to provide talks that not only captivate and inspire but also ensure high levels of content retention. I believe that for knowledge to truly impact lives, it must be not only heard but implemented effectively. 

My Approach to Speaking

When you engage me for a speaking engagement, I prioritise these two essential factors


My goal is to ensure that every participant, regardless of background or expertise, can engage in the conversation. I break down complex ideas into easily digestible, relatable concepts. The result? An open dialogue that fosters understanding, learning, and growth.

Retention and Impact

I don't just speak; I leave a lasting impression. My talks are designed to be memorable, allowing the audience to carry the knowledge with them long after the event. Practical takeaways empower individuals to apply what they've learned, driving real change in their lives.

Why Choose Me?


I bridge the gap between complex ideas and easy comprehension.

High Retention:

My talks are crafted for long-term learning and implementation.

Tailored Solutions

Every talk is customized to meet the unique needs of your audience and event.

Experience and Expertise

I am a seasoned professional with a track record of delivering powerful, memorable talks.

Read What My Audience Say About My Speaking Events

My time with Lathi was like a breath of fresh air.  She really listens, beyond all the noise, to really hear you. The session brought me some major realizations that I look forth to working more on. It's like she just woke me up. She really knows her subject and is great at what she does. I will recommend her to anyone who is on a journey of finding themselves or their identity. She is the real deal.  Looking forth to more.

Lathi’s bold and passionate approach to working with people makes you feel confident that you’re in good capable hands, which is essential when you start asking yourself questions that can be at the base of everything in your life, your identity. I got the sense that she is in tune with herself and people she works with to know when to push and challenge someone that little bit more & when to ease back.

Ready to create a transformative speaking experience for your audience?